Turner Capital Investments, LLC (TCI) is a registered, tactical, market-timing money management firm focused on growing the net worth of our client portfolios.

TCI was founded in 2008 by Mike Turner, who serves as the President and Chief Trading Strategist.

We are stringently rules-based (see Our Methodology) and utilize advanced trade-timing computer algorithms designed to produce significant positive returns in both bull and bear markets.


Our corporate offices are located at 9442 Capital of Texas Highway N, Arboretum Plaza One Suite 500, Austin, Texas 78759.

Our number one objective is to generate the highest possible return for our clients while avoiding undue risk in the marketplace.  Our strategies are opportunistic and our approach is highly disciplined.  When the market is in a bull trend, according to our proprietary analysis algorithms, we put our clients into bull-biased trades of fundamentally strong, up-trending equities.  When the market is in a bear trend, we put our clients into strong, up-trending inverse ETFs that have the propensity to move higher in direct proportion to the decline in the market.

We do not invest in bonds or other fixed income instruments. We do not invest in mutual funds and do not place client funds with other managers. 100% of all equities are managed solely by TCI staff.

All client funds are held at our custodian brokerage firm and under the complete control of the client.  No client funds are ever commingled with other client funds.  A TCI client can start or stop our management of his/her account at any time without any redemption fee or waiting period.

We are active traders that take advantage of long-term trends in markets, indexes, sectors, industries and individual equities.

We, like many money management firms, believe it is our job to outperform in any market, but unlike most firms, we define “outperform” as “profitable in all markets, including bear markets.”

In closing, since the world of Google search is so ubiquitous, you may find that Mike Turner owns more than one company and has changed the name of his companies from time-to-time.  Here are the details:

  • Mike's first company was "Turner Trends, Inc.".  He later changed the name to "CycleProphet, Inc." and then after integrating a major US marketing firm into his business, the name was changed back to "Turner Trends, Inc.".  You can find more about Turner Trends at www.turnertrends.com.  This is Mike's retail company that provides tools, a newsletter and other retail-client services.  All Turner Capital clients get a discounted subscription to the Turner Trends' tools, should they want access to the same tools that he uses in the management of his Turner Capital Investments clients.  Mike spends less than 10% of his time in support of Turner Trends.
  • Mike opened his money management business in 2008 under the name of "Sabinal Capital Investments, LLC".  Later, the name was changed to "Turner Capital Investments, LLC" in order to capitalize on his name and the associated marketing benefit.  Mike focuses the majority of his time in the management of client accounts for Turner Capital Investments.