Take a few minutes to watch the video (left) where our Founder, Mike Turner, reviews our market-directional investment strategy. This strategy, unlike buy-and-hold, is designed to grow and protect client capital in bull AND bear markets.

When it comes to selecting a money manager, it is critically important to know whether you are hiring a "Passive", "Active" or "Market-Directional" manager. You will get a lot of insight on the difference between passive, buy-and-hold investing and market-directional investing by watching the debate between Mike Turner and Mark Skousen.

We utilize a sophisticated and risk-averse "Market-Directional" approach when investing client accounts in the stock market.

Market-Directional portfolio management is the science of matching an investment strategy with the primary trend of the market. We have two complimentary reports (left) that are important for you to read. One covers our Market-Directional approach to investing. The other is a great resource guide for how to evaluate a potential money manager.

In our Market-Directional approach, we mathematically determine the current condition of the market, which can be in one and only one of three possible conditions: Bull-Trending, Flat or Neutral Trending, or Bear-Trending, and implement investment strategies that match the current market condition.

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As a Market-Directional money manager, we implement a bullish investment strategy in bull-trending markets; a neutral investment strategy in neutral trending markets; and, a bearish investment strategy in bear-trending markets.

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Mike Turner is a frequent speaker at large financial investor meetings. Click Here to view some recent recordings of Mike's presentations. We recommend you watch these videos to get a clear understanding of our methodology and why it works so well for both bull and bear markets.

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