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Mike Turner, President and Chief Trading Strategist

Mike Turner, President and Chief Trading Strategist

Mike Turner has made a career out of leveling the playing field for everyday investors seeking to build a strong financial future for themselves and their families.

Mike started investing after selling his successful software company.  He put over $1M into creating a new stock analysis/rating system that helps him manage his and his private wealth clients’ money.  Mike has discovered that the key to capturing consistent profits in the stock market is to not try to guess where the market is headed, but to mathematically assess where the market is and to always keep his investment strategies in sync with the market.  His directional approach to managing money takes advantage of both up and down markets.  Key to the success of this strategy  is to know how and when the market has moved from one directional bias to the other.

Mike is a world-class money manager that loves teaching other investors how they can apply his winning strategies in their own investing.  For an overview of Mike's current presentation, follow this link.

In Mike’s presentations, he shares his market bias approach and teaches attendees how to spot bullish, neutral, and bearish biases in the markets. Each bias has its own specific investment methodology that takes advantage of the current market and utilizes both a fundamental and technical scoring system to select the right stocks and ETFs at the right time.  He enjoys sharing his insights on how he manages his private wealth client portfolios and how he consistently outperforms the market while taking on far less risk than the typical buy-and-hold strategies

Mike has spoken at the following events:

National and International Money Shows”
”AAII Bi-Annual National Meetings”
”Many Local Investment Clubs and Organizations Nation-Wide”
”Tasty-Trade On-Set Sessions”
”Think-or-Swim Chat Sessions”
”AAII Local and Regional Chapter Meetings”
”Various Radio Venues Nation-Wide

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