If you are looking for a money manager who knows how to actively invest your capital in the market to take advantage of both bull and bear markets, we are exactly the firm you want managing your investment portfolio.

99% of all money managers do not actually manage money, but instead put their client’s capital into buy-and-hold mutual funds that never hold cash and are prone to massive losses in bear markets. These are NOT the managers you want in control of your capital in the next bear market!

TURNER CAPITAL IS DIFFERENT: We are active asset managers who put client capital to work based on the direction of the market. We never buy-and-hold and never hold mutual funds that can be crushed in bear markets. We are long-term investors, one-week-at-a-time.

The chart on the left is one of our “Market-Bias” charts (this one is of the SPY, the ETF of the S&P 500) that provides our asset managers with a clear, mathematically precise, understanding of whether the market is bullish (green line); neutral (yellow band); or, bearish (red line).

When the market is bullish, our goal is to keep client capital in fundamentally strong, up-trending equities.

When the market is bearish, our goal for client capital is to hold cash or inverse ETFs or a combination of the two.

When the market is inside the "Neutral Zone" (yellow band), it is considered to be in transition prior to moving into a bull-trend or bear-trend. It is at this time that our goal is to take profit and move client accounts to cash.


  1. Do you have a plan for my money in the next bear market that is different from the plan you have right now? If not, why not?
  2. How will you know, specifically, when the next bear market begins and how will you protect me from getting crushed?

Did you know that most money managers cannot tell you when a bear market starts?

Did you know that the phrases, “In it for the long haul” and “Long-term investment horizon” are primarily for the benefit of the asset manager and not the client?

Have you ever wondered why your money manager is afraid to go to cash?

Do you remember 2008?

Did you know that the longest time between major bear market corrections is just a little over 8 years?

The Dow could soar to 25,000 or plummet to 10,000 in the next several months. Is your investable net worth positioned to take advantage of either or both potential scenarios? Our client portfolios are structured to ride bull-market trends when the market is climbing higher; move to cash when the market rolls over; and, move into a bear-market investment strategy when the market tumbles into the next (and, potentially devastating) bear market.

Turner Capital Investments, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisory that utilizes a market-directional, active management approach to growing and protecting client capital through the buying and selling of stocks and ETFs. No mutual funds; no insurance; no annuities; no FOREX; no high-risk options trading. Our investment methodology is rules-based, disciplined and proven.

We consider cash as a safe haven. When risk gets overly elevated, unlike mutual funds and most money managers, we move our clients to cash. Cash does not generate a lot of income, but it is far more preferable to losing money.

Watch this video by our president and portfolio manager, Mike Turner. He will show you exactly how this process works to grow and protect your capital.

In this short video, you will see how Turner Capital is able to measure the condition of the market to know whether the market is in a bull-trending or bear-trending condition. You will see how we make trading decisions based on how the market is trending and not on emotion or opinion-based analyst projections.

Our portfolio management is based on math, rules and discipline. We also rely on our proprietary software system that currently has over 2.8 million lines of code that has more than 23 man-years of development. Our computer systems are the backbone of our analytical process and we rely on these systems to do the bulk of the heavy lifting when it comes to being in the right market at the right time with the right investment strategy.

If you have a minimum of $50,000 and would like to discuss how Turner Capital can help you achieve your financial goals, please fill out the form, below, and we will get in touch quickly.

We have two comprehensive reports that delve much more deeply into our investment methodology and how best to evaluate a potential money manager. Check the boxes on the right to get these reports sent to you via email.

What, exactly, is involved if I decide to hire Turner Capital to manage some of my investable capital?

The process is simple and easy to get started. First, you need to fill out the form on the right to let us know you would like to speak with one of our asset managers. This is a brief phone call where your objectives and questions are reviewed.

The Process:

  • Before we can send you the appropriate account-opening dccuments, we will need to know the total combined amount you plan to have us manage, the type(s) of capital (e.g., taxable, tax-deferred, trust, etc.) and which of the specific Turner Capital portfolio models you desire to follow.
  • We will send you documents required for us to work together, including a complete description of our company, the trading authorization form, the account opening forms, risk disclosure documents, financial profile document, fee agreement and transfer form.
  • We will walk you through these forms and answer any questions you may have.
  • The completed forms are then returned to Turner Capital and provided to TD Ameritrade to complete the account opening process and transfer of funds.
  • Once your account is funded, our portfolio management team will review how and when your personal portfolio(s) will be filled with existing strategy positions.
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If you are looking for an asset manager that measures the market to keep your portfolio in a bull-biased strategy in bull markets; in a cash-biased strategy in neutral markets; and, in a bear-biased strategy in bear markets, then we hope you give serious consideration to Turner Capital Investments, LLC.