Debate between Mike Turner and Mark Skousen: Dr. Mark Skousen is a well-known speaker, debater, writer and educator.  He ascribes to the traditional "Buy-and-Hold" approach to investing in the stock market.  This is the methodology used by the vast majority of major investment firms and economists.  The assumption is if your invest in the market and do not attempt "jump into and out of the market", you will do better in the long-run.  Mike Turner takes the side that buy-and-hold is extremely risky and underperforms "Market-Directional" investing where the investment bias is determined by whether the market is bull-trending, neutral-trending or bear-trending. 

Watch this debate and you decide who wins!

Turner Capital Investments, LLC (TCI) Overview by Mike Turner: TCI is owned and managed by Mike Turner, a registered investment advisor. 

TCI manages client accounts utilizing active management coupled with market-directional strategies in the stock market.  Clients hire TCI to manage their accounts and expect the company to put their capital to work in bull markets; to raise capital and go to cash in neutral markets; and, above all else, protect the client's capital in bear markets.

This video provides the viewer with a brief overview of the company.

How to Know, EXACTLY, the Timing of the Next Bear Market: We all know a bear market is coming.  Even when we are in the middle of a bear market, we know for a fact that another one is in our future.  It is not a matter of if... it is only a matter of when.

In this video, you will learn how you can always know... EXACTLY... when the next bear market will occur; and the next bull market, as well.

It is all about timing and how to recognize when the market has moved below its "Neutral Zone".  Watch this video and learn how to detect the next bear market!

Putting Market-Directional Investing to Work: If you have bought and sold stocks for any reasonable period of time, you have learned that you tend to do a lot better in your trades if the market is trending in your direction.  In other words, bullish trades tend to do a lot better in bull-trending markets.  Likewise, bearish trades tend to do a lot better in bear-trending markets.  What this really means is, you can produce more consistently strong profits in the market if your portfolio is in sync with the market.  Watch this video and learn how to know exactly when the market is in a bullish condition, a transitional condition or a bearish condition and how to keep your portfolio properly positioned to take advantage of the direction of the market.

How to Build a Bullet-Proof Stock Portfolio: You got crushed in 2002 when the market dropped by more than 50%. You talked yourself back into the market in 2006 and in 2008, you got clobbered again when the market plummeted more than 55%. You swore you would never let that happen to you again. Now, the market has more than doubled in the last six years and could double or triple again. But, you painfully remember 2002 and 2008 and you worry that you will get in again just before the next big correction.

I will show you how to never worry about missing the bull market, while actually looking forward to the next bear market.

Tactical Investment Strategies for 2015 and 2016: Your cash is making you nothing, but the fear of a Dow 7000 is impossible to ignore. I will show you two amazing strategies for capitalizing on bull markets while at the same time have you salivating for the next bear market.

Don't kid yourself, a bear market is coming... it is just a matter of when. In the meantime, the Dow could easily hit 53,000 before this long-term bull market ends, and you cannot afford to miss out on the bull market of a lifetime.

Learn how to implement these strategies and sleep like a baby in any market.