Adding a Market-Directional Actively Managed Fund to Your Firm's 401k Plan

If you are the sponsor or senior executive in your firm who has the fiduciary responsibility of providing a balanced 401k plan for your employees, it is likely you are faced with the following dilemma: You painfully remember how your employees' 401k retirement savings accounts were decimated in the 2007-2009 market crash.  Even though your 401k has a full compliment of mutual funds that cover all major investment choices from money markets to bonds to various types of equity funds... many of your employees still lost huge percentages of their life's savings.  Some have yet to recover completely.

You do not want that to happen again, but you have no idea how to provide a solution for your employees that is designed to keep them in the market when it is bullish and get them out of the market when the market begins to roll over into another potentially devastating bear market.  But, now you have a way to add a market-directional strategy (fund) to your existing 401k.

Please take a few minutes to read how important it is to add a market-directional, actively managed fund to the fund choices in your firm's 401k plan. 

The process is straightforward and, in most cases, very easy to implement into any existing 401k plan.  Very simply, our market-directional actively managed fund (described here), is added to the current fund offerings in your existing 401k plan.  We will provide you with a clear explanation of how the fund is managed and how it capitalizes on bull, neutral and bear markets.  Your employees will have the option, at their choosing, to put some or all of their 401k savings into this fund, just like they can now with any of the funds in your existing 401k plan.

But, unlike all the other funds in your current 401k, the Turner Capital Market-Directional Fund is designed to move to cash when the market begins to roll over and will even hold some inverse ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds that move up when the market moves down) to help your employees grow their retirement capital in bear markets, as well.

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