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Find Out How to Prosper in the Next Bear Market!

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Hello, I am Mike Turner and I want to introduce you to a mathematical, purely algorithmic process that is designed to capitalize on bull markets with strong, up-trending stocks and ETFs, but also does what few other systems or financial advisors do… it signals when to get out of the market before risk gets too high, and even more importantly, it signals exactly when to move into inverse ETFs to capitalize on bear markets.

That’s right… This process keeps you fully invested in bull markets; moves you out of the market when risk becomes too elevated; and, perhaps most importantly, capitalizes on bear markets with inverse ETFs that move up as the markets move down.

I get the opportunity to talk to thousands of investors each year. The biggest concern that most have is that they haven’t saved enough for retirement and that they’ll outlive their money. These are legitimate concerns.


Nobody wants to have to live at a lower standard of living in retirement or get outside help from their family, or <gulp>, from the 

government. But the news is not all bad...

What if you could be long when the market is bullish and short when the market is bearish? Rather than the buy-and-hold returns like the black line you see in the chart, below, there is the potential to generate returns similar to the green line.



















This is a strategy that has the potential to make a difference for those who started late or don’t have enough already saved. 

This could be your own comeback investment strategy! And the opportunity to live the type of lifestyle you want to have in retirement.

Want to learn more about how to put this to work in your portfolio? Well… the easiest way is to just fill out this form and I’ll add you to my weekly Client Letter for the next month where you will see exactly when to be in the market (bull or bear) and when to be waiting on the sidelines.


Imagine… no more guessing… no more worrying about the next bear market.

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Our bear market strategy is unlike anything else in the world and we will send an overview to you. You will want to know how we invoke a bear market investment approach that is designed to grow your capital in a bear market while keeping risk low. ​This could be your own comeback investment strategy! And the opportunity to live the type of lifestyle you want to have in retirement.