Objective: For holdings managed in this model to generate annual returns of up to 8%-10%. Stay invested 100% of the time in Bull markets. Stay mostly in cash during Bear markets

Strategy At-a-Glance

Generate annual dividend income of up to 9%+/-. 

Stay invested 100% of the time in Bull markets

Stay in cash during Bear markets

Invest in high dividend paying CEF's, ETF's, and Stocks

How It Is Done

Strategy is to buy and hold (as long as stops are not triggered) fundmentaly strong equities that pay a minimum of 4% in dividend yield and the prosperity to grow at least 4% in capital growth.

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How do we minimize risk

All holdings have quantitatively derived stop loss settings designed to trigger if a holding drops more than its normal volatility range.  Holdings in this strategy tend to have less than average volatility and tend to outperform in down-trending markets.

The DIS model structure is be 100% invested in bull-trending markets and moves to cash in bear-trending markets.  Holdings are selected from highly liquid stocks that have a history of generating a minimum of 4% in yield and 4% to 10% in growth. Preference is given to those equities that have attractive premiums via short-term covered call trades.​

  • 50% of capital gains generated by dividends; 50% of capital gains from equity growth

  • Slow and steady growth is a major objective of each holding

  • Holdings must exhibit consistent historical payouts of dividends on a regular (monthly or quarterly) basis

  • Preference is given to potential holdings that have a history of increasing dividend payout over time

  • Drawdown potential is  estimated to be less than 4%

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