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Objective: The DIS investment strategy is our most conservative strategy. It focuses on higher-yielding stocks and ETFs and, depending on the overall trend of the market, may hold more in higher-risk markets.

Types of Holdings: The DIS investment strategy primarily holds fundamentally strong, higher-yielding stocks and ETFs, covered calls and naked puts.  In bear market cycles, the strategy can hold more cash.

  • Relies on historical data, not forecasts or guesses

  • It is the goal (not the promise) of management to generate about half of the net total return from dividend and premium income and about 50% of net total return from equity growth in price

  • The portfolio can hold stocks, ETFs, covered calls and naked puts

  • Slow and steady growth is a major objective of each holding

  • Holdings must exhibit consistent historical payouts of dividends on a regular (monthly or quarterly) basis

  • Preference is given to potential holdings that have a history of increasing dividend payout over time

  • More emphasis is given to holding longer-term positions in order to capture dividends and premiums

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