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Generating Solid Returns while Holding Cash

Dear Reader,


Just about everyone lost money in 2022; some more than others. While most of our models outperformed the stock market, I am not happy with the results and have made some major changes in our trading rules that look to make a very positive impact in the 2023 net total returns.


You are going to like these enhanced trading rules a lot, I think!


Take a few minutes to watch this video: How to Succeed in 2023 with our Enhanced Trading Rules.


It could be that 2023 will be smooth sailing with no big whipsaws, but the odds do not seem to favor that kind of outcome. 2023 looks to be setting up with more of the same kind of market we saw in 2022 or worse. The big problem in 2022, in addition to the market falling more than 20%, were the huge 15% (and more) sudden reversals in the market. Those whipsaws were devastating to a lot of investors and some of my models suffered with them, as well.


So... What is the plan? What are we changing to outperform in the 2023 market?


Over the last few weeks of intense testing of enhanced trading rules that I have designed, we made a ton of improvements in net total return and lower risk results; especially when back-testing these enhanced rules in the 2022 market. Want to see these new rules and how they would have changed the outcome of the 2022 returns? Just click this link and you'll see what I mean.


My hope is, once you see these rules in action, you will be excited with regard to 2023 and what these rules can mean to us growing and protecting your capital.

Warmest regards,

Mike Turner

From the Desk of Mike Turner
January 1, 2023
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