A shift from traditional investment strategies

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Turner Capital TMI Methodology is a complete tool-kit to help grow your capital. A modern methodology & partner to help you grow your accounts and outperform the market.

A Global, Client-Focused Portfolio Manager


Our Client-Focused Dual Mandate

Grow Client Capital in Bull and Bear markets.

  • Fact-focused with comprehensive tools to help drive home better answers.
  • We source every set of facts. We do not infer or make optimistic opinions about the future performance of any equity. We are 100% truthful with clients and prospective clients in everything we say and/or report.
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A Winning Strategy with Tailored Results

  • Guiding you through our methodologies to achieve a winning outcome in Bull and Bear Markets
  • Our Total Market Index Methodology provides us a set of rules that we follow to grow and protect client capital
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Technical Expertise.

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tested methodology.

We provide our clients with our rules based methodology that we personally use to achieve returns in both bull and bear markets, while minimizing risk. Our goals are along side yours to attempt to outperform the S&P 500.

Rules-Based, Back tested strategies
A unique, dual directional strategy with tailored Results
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* IMPORTANT: The Turner Capital R&D team used historical data of the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Russell 2000 and the DJIA to test the efficacy of the trading and timing rules of the TMI methodology. This was a rigorous process where the rules were run totally independent of human adjustments or interactions. None of the rules were date dependent. The back-testing computer software executed the buys and sells based solely on the TMI Methodology. Live trading with actual client capital began on April 1, 2023.

We are different.

Most traditional investment firms focus on a buy-and-hold philosophy that believes holding certain mutual funds, bonds and stocks for the long term is the smartest way to grow capital and avoid short-term capital gains taxes. These firms do not believe in “trading” and do not believe in changing strategies in bear markets as opposed to bull markets.  They want you to believe that they are so smart enough to place you into the right “plan” for your age and your financial objectives for your future. They do NOT have a Bear market strategy that allows you to be protected in the event of market crash.

Client Focused

Since our founding in 2007, our solutions-driven focus has never followed traditional Buy-and-Hold investment strategies for our clients.

The world is full of buy-and-hold, 60/40, mutual funds that pay kick-backs to your advisor, etc. Traditional investment firms try to impress their clients with their insight and experience regarding the best place to put capital to work. This sounds good but is not what most clients want: Market-beating returns at less than market-level risk.

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grow your account in Bull & Bear Markets

The Turner Capital Dual-Direction Trading Methodology

In Bull Markets

Our Total Market Index monitors in real-time where the market is, and how it got there.

  • S & P 500 Index ETFs
  • Nasdaq 100 Index ETFs

In Bear Markets

We then use our proprietary, rules based trading methodology to make trading decisions.

  • Inverse S & P 500 Index ETFs
  • Inverse Nasdaq 100 Index ETFs
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