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It's Time For A New Strategy!

If you’re a lot like most people and have started investing later than you should have for retirement

and don’t have the nest egg that you know you need for retirement. 

Then the following information below pertains to you. 

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Let’s face it, 401(k)s weren’t a big deal when you were younger and there were a lot of other expenses that took precedence. You didn’t mean to wait so long to start putting money aside. You told yourself that you were going to start investing, you just needed a few more months.

And the few months turned into years.  And you did finally start, but now you’re looking at the amount you have and you’re seriously wondering if it is going to be enough to live on.  You also know your nest egg must last a long time… maybe 2-3 decades.  And, you’re coming to the realization that you need to do some serious catching up. 

You’re not alone.  There’s a retirement crisis in this country.  Baby boomers are woefully unprepared to support themselves in retirement.  According to Bankrate.com, 20% of US workers are saving nothing for retirement.  Another 20% are saving only 5% of their annual income. And only 16% are saving more than 15% of their income.  And we all know that inflation is under reported as elder care costs and associated medical costs continue to grow at an alarming rate.  Social Security and Medicare will pay for a little, but not nearly enough.

You may be wondering if you’re going to have to dramatically lower your standard of living in what should be your golden years.  Many people approaching (or now in) retirement are feeling hopeless.

Add to all of this, the very real likelihood that a massive recession could be around the corner and those mutual funds you own could be decimated in the next bear market.  Your nest egg isn’t big enough now and how will you deal with your retirement plans if your next egg gets cut in half in the next major bear market; like 2008 or worse?

Hello, my name is Mike Turner.  I’m president of Turner Capital Investments.  Over the past 20 years, I’ve developed a methodology and a set of rules with computer-based algorithms to help people grow their nest egg in both bull markets and bear markets.  I created what I call “Market-Directional Investing”.  Market-Directional Investing measures where the market is in relation to its most recent trend and then matches client portfolios with the direction of the market.  This way, my client portfolios are always positioned to grow (increase in value) in BOTH bull AND bear markets… more about this in a moment.

I manage almost $100 million for hundreds of people who are either approaching or are already in retirement.  I understand the dilemma you may be facing regarding growing AND protecting your nest egg.  I know how you likely fear the next bear market.  I know you need to dramatically increase the size of your nest egg and you absolutely cannot take on undue risk.  When a client hires me to manage a portion of their nest egg, they quickly learn how I get them out of the rut they were in by putting them on a path that is designed to grow their capital in any kind of market.  Believe it or not, my clients are looking forward to the next bear market!

I love helping folks get their portfolios back on track.  It is an honor to be able to help people and their families succeed with their retirement goals.

Let me give you some context... 

Do you remember the Super Bowl from a couple of years ago?  The one where New England was losing to Atlanta 28-3 in the third quarter?  I was watching with my son and he said there was no way that New England could come back.  I told him, “You never know… it will not surprise me to see Tom Brady and his team find a way, but they would have to change their strategy because the one they had used for 3 quarters wasn’t working.  My son said, “Want to put a bet on it?”  I said, “Sure, let’s see if they can pull it out.” 

As you know, the Patriots came back and won that game in overtime despite what looked like insurmountable odds.  And I won my bet as well.

There is an analogy here and it is an important one… There is no play or strategy that allows a team to score 25 points in one trip down the field.  They knew they were behind.  They knew that they didn’t have much time left.  And, they knew they had to come up with a plan that would allow them to catch up.

You might be in a very similar situation.  You might be down by 4 touchdowns and running out of time.  You can’t use a strategy that might have worked when you were 20 or 30 or 40 or even 50.  You may well be in the 3rd quarter of your life and you don’t have enough points on the board… you don’t have enough money in the bank to cover your expected life and the life of your significant other.  You need a change in strategy.  The good news?  I have one for you. It is my Market Directional – ULTRA strategy.

Having tested my Market Directional methodology in every market for the past 80 years, I know this strategy is designed to move up two times faster in bull markets than the S&P 500; but even more important, it is designed to move UP twice as fast as the market moves down in bear markets.

Think about that for a moment…  What kind of difference would that kind of growth make in your current financial situation?  While past performance is no guarantee of future returns, think about what a huge difference this might make if this model even comes close to this objective in the next few years!  And, think about never having to worry about a bear market decimating your portfolio again.

My Market Directional – ULTRA model might be the 3rd and 4th quarter strategy that you have been looking for.

Let me show you what I mean… Below is an example of how this model works.  The chart is a double-blind back-test of how this ULTRA model worked from 2016.  The black represents the market (S&P 500).  The green line shows what could have happened using my Market Directional – ULTRA strategy, which utilizes 2x ETFs in both bull and bear markets.

This is a strategy that has the potential to make a difference for those who started late or don’t have enough already saved. 

This could be your own comeback investment strategy! And the opportunity to live the type of lifestyle you want to have in retirement.

Of course, there are no guarantees.  Back-tests are not real trading and while I have been managing money for years using a 1x approach, this 2x approach is a new application to my tried-and-true strategy.  This process keeps you fully invested in bull markets; moves you out of the market when risk becomes too elevated; and, perhaps most importantly, capitalizes on bear markets with inverse ETFs that move up twice as fast as the markets move down.

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