Mike Turner is one of the more popular speakers at each of the MoneyShow events.  He is entertaining, but above all else, he loves to teach his audience how to do exactly what he does in the management of client wealth.  If you have never heard one of Mike's presentations, you are in for a treat.  If you have, then you already know how vitally important it is to attend one or more of Mike's sessions.  Your time is valuable and limited.  Do not miss this opportunity to hear one of the truly great speakers at this year's Orlando MoneyShow.

Below are the times and topics for each of the Mike Turner presentations:

The Economics Professor vs. the Mathematician: The Great Debate on Buy-and-Hold vs. Market Timing

Friday 2:30 - 3:15 PM

Osceola E

Fireworks will fly! In this lively debate, Dr. Mark Skousen will use his 37 years of stock-picking experience against Mike Turner and his 2.8 million lines of computer code to discuss the best method to pick profitable stocks in today's stock market. It's man vs. machine...long-term vs. short term...attend this session and find out who the winner is!

How to Never Fear a Bear Market and How to Always Capitalize on a Bull Market

Friday 3:30 - 4:15 PM

Osceola E

Before you come to this session, walk into the exhibit hall and ask any of the big-name financial firms these two questions: 1) Will you change how you manage my money in a bear market as opposed to a bull market? and 2) How, specifically, will you know when the next bear market has begun? Then, come to this presentation and learn the truth about these two questions and why it is so important to your life’s savings.  I will show you how to know the best time to get into and out of the market; how to NEVER FEAR a bear market and how know when to be a bull, a bear or wait on the sidelines… and NEVER GUESS whether you should be in or out of the market.  You will learn why you should never let yourself get talked into the high-risk buy-and-hold investment mentality.  I will show you the right way to invest in the stock market and why you can look forward to both bull and bear markets without taking on undue risk. No this is NOT about annuities!

Grow AND Protect your capital in Both bull and bear markets

Saturday 9:00 - 9:45 AM

Osceola E

Attend this session and learn the one thing your money manager does not want you to learn.  All your life, you have been taught that buy-and-hold is the smartest, long-term investment strategy you can follow.  Warren Buffet promotes it; Jack Bogle constantly extols its virtues; every financial firm on the Exhibit Hall floor promotes it; every mutual fund in the industry sings its praises as the right way… the smart way… the best way… the most profitable way… the least risky way… to invest in the stock market.  You have been lied to.  Attend this session and learn how to crush the stock market (including massively outperforming Berkshire-Hathaway), while dramatically reducing risk.  I’ll show you how to do it and how it works.  You absolutely cannot afford to miss this session.  It will likely be standing room only, so come early and be prepared to take notes.  It is that important.  Finally, learn the real truth about the best way to grow and protect your capital in any market… bull or bear!  You won’t believe how much you can learn in 45 minutes with Mike Turner.

Premium Masters Class - How to Position Your Portfolio for the Bull Market of a Lifetime and be prepared for a Massive Bear Market at the Same Time

Saturday 10:15 - 11:15 AM

Allendale A

Wouldn't it be great to have a portfolio that could ride bull markets higher and then when the market reverses course, capitalize on bear markets, too?  This premium-level Master's course is not about buy-and-hold; it is not about value investing; it is not about market-timing; it is not about hedging with options; it is not about hording gold; it is not (shudder) about annuities.  You will learn how to know when to be bullish; when to go to cash; and when to be bearish... and not by guessing where the market might go in the future.  The exhibit hall is full of investment gurus who will give you guess after guess after guess.  I don't guess.  I never guess.  I will teach you how to put your money to work in the stock market and never guess about when to be bullish, bearish or sit on cash.  If you are serious about managing your portfolio for all markets and never worry about being on the wrong side of the market, you cannot afford to miss this session.  It's not free and there is a reason why.  This is the one session you came to the MoneyShow to hear!

How to Know (EXACTLY) What to Buy and When to Sell

Saturday 2:30 - 3:15 PM

Celebration A

There are many investor tools on the market. Some good and some not so good.  But, the problem with most tools, is they are hard to use, or take a ton of training to get them to work… and, most importantly, do not tell you when to be bullish, neutral or bearish.  Buying a great stock at the wrong time is not how you make consistent profits in the stock market.  Buying the wrong stock at the right time is just as bad.  You want to buy the right stock at the right time and you want to know (to the penny) when to get out.  Buying is easy, but selling at the right time is how you make real money.  Spend 45 minutes with me and I will show you why the TurnerTrends Tools are head-and-shoulders better than any other investor tool on the market today.  You can make a lot more money in the market… come see how to do it!!

The Single Most Important Chart for Success in the Stock Market

Saturday 6:15 - 7:00 PM

Osceola E

Most people think that the key to success in the stock market is picking the right stocks and avoiding the wrong stocks. There's a better way. I'll show you how I use one chart, the most important chart, to make the right investment decisions.  Before you go home from this year’s MoneyShow, take home with you the single most important piece of information about how to use this one chart to ALWAYS know whether to be bullish, bearish or sitting on cash.  Everyone knows a bear market is coming, but do you know how bad it will be… or how long it will last… or when to get out of its way… and, perhaps most importantly, when to get back in.  This one chart has the answers to all of these question.  The best session of the show is this one.  Don’t miss it!

How to Find the Right Stock/ETF at the Right Time

Sunday 9:00 - 10:00 AM


Come spend an hour with me and learn how to ALWAYS put the odds in your favor when trading in the stock market.  Want to know the very best stock to buy right now?  I’ll show you.  Want to know the very best ETF to buy right now? It’s yours just for attending this session.  What if you could look out into the future and see if the odds favor your trade moving higher or lower?  I’ll show you a forecasting system unlike anything else in the world.  In fact, this technology has been hailed by the largest provider of market analytics on the globe, as the most advanced equity forecasting technology ever created.  You can walk in the front door of the exhibit hall and see yesterday’s technology; but come to this session and see the next-gen tools and methodology that is revolutionizing the trading world.

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