Turner Capital has three Portfolio Strategies.  Clients can follow one or more of these strategies in a managed account structure.  For each client, there will be one account per portfolio strategy per type of capital (e.g., Roth, IRA, Trust, Joint Tenant, etc.)

The required total family aggregate minimum amount of capital to work with Turner Capital is $250,000. 


We use a "Managed Account" structure where every client maintains 100% control of their capital at all times.  Capital is never commingled with other accounts that do not belong to the client. Turner Capital is ONLY permitted to make trading decisions in client accounts and to deduct pre-authorized management fees.  Clients can terminate Turner Capital's management of their accounts at any time with a phone call to either Turner Capital or the brokerage firm where the client accounts are custodied.

Funds are custodied at TD Ameritrade.