03-16-2020: Worst Percentage Drop Since Black Monday

The data have been and continue to be very, very bearish. The Dow, today, had the worst point drop in history. The Sectors are all trending lower. The indexes are all trending lower. The inverse ETFs are all trending higher (at least the 4 major index inverse ETFs that I follow or care about). The White House just announced that if we do everything just right, it will be July/August before things get back to normal.

So... what is the good news? The good news is, at least for my clients, you are sitting great in this crashing market. I take no pleasure in the financial suffering that millions of investors are experiencing in this unprecedented stock market, but you are not in that group. You are mostly in cash, if not completely in cash (depending on the strategy your capital is following). When the market is cratering, the best place to be is, out of the way... unless you want to put on some risk and lean into some inverse ETFs.

For Tactical Growth, Total Market, ULTRA and Diversified Income strategies today, I moved you to cash in the last hour of the day and booked some nice profits in several of the inverse ETFs. ULTRA-MAX is still holding about 36% of capital in two (2x) inverse ETFs. Currently, this strategy is beating the market, year-to-date, by +43.56%!

The plan is to wait for the next bounce up in the market and consider adding more inverse ETFs to some of the strategies. This is a delicate balancing act. I do not want to expose you to the massive market reversals that have become common with this market. This is why I sold your inverse ETFs today. Tomorrow might be another leg down or a surge back up. I am trying to incrementally grow your capital in this falling market while preserving your cash. The easy job would be to simply stay 100% cash, but if I can grow your capital a bit without taking on too much risk, I will do my best to make that happen. Primarily, though... I will focus on holding cash in all but the ULTRA-MAX strategy.

Be safe out there!

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