05-22-2020: 55% Invested Doubles the Market

The S&P 500 finished the day today, up 0.24%. Our Tactical Growth model portfolio is only 55% invested and it finished the day, up 0.48%. If you can double the market with a little over half of the portfolio invested, it's a good day.

Ok... I know what you're thinking... "Big deal, Mike... that's just one day... give me a break." Can't argue with that line of thinking, so I'll just throw in the fact that the TG model is up +6.32%, year-to-date, while the S&P 500 is down -8.52%. That is a +14.84% differential in a horrible COVID-19 market.

Indeed, all 5 of our client portfolios had a good day. All 5 moved higher this week, but the standouts were Tactical Growth and Diversified Income.

My point here is this... even though we are in a relatively flat, seesaw "W" market, there are ways to grow and protect your capital. Sometimes, not losing money is more profitable than making money.

One of these days (probably in the not-too-distant future), this market is going to wake up and realize that getting the economy to crawl out of the hole it is in, will be far harder than anyone expected (well... that's certainly a real possibility). And, when that happens, there is no telling how far this market could fall. There are so many unknowns in front of us that predicting a trend (bull or bear) is simply an exercise in futility.

This week was a good week for us. Next week (shortened as it will be), may or may not continue the strong up-trend. If the "W" chart pattern persists, I won't be surprised to see a pull-back... maybe a pretty good one. If we do get one, I suspect it will be more of a buying opportunity than a selling one.

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