06-02-2020: Don't call me Shirley

I find it more than interesting that with all the unrest in our country, that no one (that I know of, anyway) has pointed out that there is one truly color-blind, ethnicity-ambivalent, politically blind, age indifferent place for any and all to participate in total and complete equality... the stock market.

It doesn't matter your station in life, the color of your skin, whether you are a liberal or conservative or libertarian, what religion you ascribe to, how young (as long as you are of legal age) or how old you are... anyone can buy stocks and sell stocks with no hindrance... no bias... no one to tell you what you can do or when you can do it.

I realize that 'some' want to blame Wall Street for the ills of our great country. But, I can think of no better place than the stock market to remove any and all prejudices. It's no one's fault, other than your own if you buy high and sell low. No one, other than yourself, can take credit for those times that you bought low and actually did sell high. It doesn't matter if your net worth is less than the next door neighbor's demolished Ford Pinto or if you live behind a gated entry and travel the world any time you want. Any one can buy and sell stocks for their own benefit and enjoy (or not, as the case may be) the fruits of their labor.

Surely, this is self-evident.

But, I still hear 'some' who would denigrate this wonderful world of the stock market. Some even say that the market should ebb and flow with the emotional sentiments of the day. And, indeed that does happen from time to time. If enough people believe that if one candidate over another wins the White House this fall, the economy will boom or tank (as the case may be), the market will likely sell off or boom higher, accordingly as we get closer to election day.

You have heard me say many times that "the market is never wrong." And it isn't. You may as well say the air is wrong. Air is just air. It doesn't have a brain or reasoning. It just is. That's the market, to a large extent... it just is. The key is knowing the current state in which the market IS, because if you know where the market Is, you can adjust your investments in equities accordingly. Maybe you are a contrarian and you want to be where the market isn't. Or, maybe you want (like me) to always be where the market IS and invest accordingly. But, regardless of the type of investor that you are, the market is one of the very few places where all participants are (supposed to be) treated equally. Some investors are more successful than others in their trades, but no one is forcing anyone to make bad trades. Investing in the stock market is the epitome of true, capitalistic freedom.

This week, we might get some really bad news from the unemployment numbers and that 'could' roil the markets. Some investors are bailing out, 'just in case'. Others have tightened stops (put me in this camp) and still others are oblivious to the current political and economic machinations occurring in the US and around the world. That is the beauty of the stock market... you can invest in it as you deem appropriate and no one (other than your significant other who is the world's best Monday morning quarterback) can tell you whether you made the right decision or not. The results of your trades are yours... good or bad.

Today was a good day for our portfolio models. I am about 60% invested and am about 60% bullish. I have raised stops significantly in my Tactical Growth model in anticipation of a potential down-day on Thursday.

But... today was a good day in the market. I love a good day in the market. I love it when clients are happy. I hope you had a good day in the market!

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