Mike Turner is one of the more popular speakers at each of the MoneyShow events.  He is entertaining, but above all else, he loves to teach his audience how to do exactly what he does in the management of client wealth.  If you have never heard one of Mike's presentations, you are in for a treat.  If you have, then you already know how vitally important it is to attend one or more of Mike's sessions.  Your time is valuable and limited.  Do not miss this opportunity to hear one of the truly great speakers at this year's San Francisco MoneyShow.

Below are the times and topics for each of the Mike Turner presentations:

The Perfect Baby-Boomer Investment Strategy

Friday 9:00 AM in Solon 8

August 25, 2017

You worked all your life to accumulate enough capital to retire on, but 2008 crushed a big part of that dream and you absolutely cannot afford to lose that much again.  You see the market skyrocketing higher and you need that growth in your portfolio, but another bear market worse than 2008 scares you, big time.  I will show you how to capitalize on the market; bull or bear.  And, I will show you how to never fear another bear market.  Spend 45 minutes with me and I will change your investment life forever.  You will not hear this approach from any other speaker.  Be ready to take notes; this session is that important!

The Masters Class - Knowing When to be a Bull, a Bear or Sit on Cash

Friday 2:30 PM in Solon 15

August 25, 2017

When it comes to making money (serious money) in the stock market, timing and investment choices are the holy grail of generating consistent profits.  The key to reducing risk and increasing return is knowing when to be bullish, neutral or bearish.  Mike Turner is a world-class asset manager who will teach you how to never fear a bear market and always know when to put money into the market and when to get defensive.  His methodology is ground-breaking and immanently practical.  Learn from one of the industry’s true masters of portfolio management.

You Have Been Told Buy-and-Hold is Smart Investing... YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD WRONG!

Saturday 10:45 AM in Salon 1-3 (WEBCAST LIVE!)

August 26, 2017

99% of all asset managers believe in buy-and-hold. Before you come to this session, walk into the exhibit hall and ask all of the big-name financial firms these two questions: 1) Will you change how you manage my money in a bear market as opposed to a bull market? and 2) How, specifically, will you know when the next bear market has begun? Then, come to this presentation and learn the truth about these two questions and why it is so important to the future of your financial well-being to never get talked into the high-risk buy-and-hold investment mentality. Mike Turner will teach you the right way to invest in the stock market and why you can look forward to both bull and bear markets without taking on undue risk. No this is NOT about annuities!

How to Beat Warren Buffet's Performance at Much Lower Risk

Saturday 11:45 AM in Solon 1-3 (WEBCAST LIVE!)

August 26, 2017

Everyone knows of the ‘Oracle of Omaha’.  His Berkshire-Hathaway fund is legendary.  Buffet is considered, rightly so, to be one of the best portfolio managers in the world.  He has made millions for his investors.  But, I will show you how to consistently outperform the Oracle of Omaha while taking on far less risk.  You may be thinking this is impossible and/or pure hype.  You would be wrong.  I will show you how to achieve Buffet-busting returns by simply investing in index ETFs and never suffer massive losses in bear markets (as Buffet’s investors have).  If you are serious about growing and protecting your money, you cannot afford to miss this session.

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