As a TurnerTrends subscriber, you already know a lot about how we manage capital for our clients.  We use the same tools that you have gotten used to via TurnerTrends, with a few very important enhancements.  Mike Turner, our founder, also founded TurnerTrends, so the thread of quantitative analysis that was an integral part of the fabric in the Tools and the portfolios of TurnerTrends is also deeply embedded in the fabric of Turner Capital Investments.

Mike writes a personal “Client Letter” to his clients each week that is free to you, if you are interested.  He is also launching a publicly traded Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) in late March of 2021 that will follow very closely to our Turner Quant Advantage model portfolio.  The beauty of this new ETF is that it is tax-efficient (meaning you don’t pay taxes on the gains until you sell the shares at some point in the future).

If you want to be in our email database where we keep our clients (and other interested investors) up to date on the ETF and Mike’s weekly Client Letter, please fill out the form below.  We promise to never lease or sell or use this list to any outside firm.  We ONLY use your contact information to provide you with current information about Turner Capital, our webinars, Mike’s weekly Client Letter, etc.

Thank you and welcome to Turner Capital!

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