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  1. Are you a non-US resident, but want to follow our Turner Quant Advantage model?

  2. Do you have investment capital that is not tax-deferred?

  3. Do you have less than the $250,000 minimum account size, but would like to follow the Turner Quant Advantage model?

  4. Do you have less than the $100,000 minimum account size to work with Turner Capital?

  5. Would you like to have a taxable portfolio ‘act’ like a buy-and-hold IRA, that follows the Turner Quant Advantage model; meaning that all capital gains are tax-deferred indefinitely*?

  6. If you live outside the US, can you buy and hold US stock market equities, specifically ETFs, in your personal investment portfolio?

  7. Would you like to follow the Turner Quant Advantage model inside your personal portfolio at your current broker (e.g., Fidelity, Schwab, e-Trade, Vanguard, InteractiveBrokers, etc.)?

* According to current tax laws

If you answered Yes to any of to any of the above question, then please read on...

We will be launching an ETF in the first quarter of 2021 that will follow our TQA (Turner Quant Advantage) model.  While past performance does not guarantee future returns, the TQA model has had a stellar year.  Even though this strategy is only a little over one year old, its approach to whipsawing markets and the potential of a massive bear market, is unmistakably impressive.

The TQA ETF holds up to 20, strong growth stocks in bull cycles, moves to cash in transition cycles and holds 2x-leveraged index inverse ETFs (that go up when the index falls) in bear cycles.


Here is what this means…


When you buy a share of the ETF, the capital gains (and losses) incurred by trades executed inside the ETF, do NOT become a taxable event for shareholders; even if the shares are purchased with non-tax deferred capital.  When you buy a share of the ETF, your basis is set for that share and when you sell the share, you will be incurring a capital gain or loss, depending on the price at which you sell the share.  The very good news is, you can hold the ETF for more than a year and then be taxed (according to now present US laws for US citizens) at a long-term capital gains rate. 


The opening day pricing is set at $25.00 per share, but will re-price continuously based on the demand for shares and the NAV (net asset value) of the holdings inside the ETF.


In fact, you will be able to defer taxes on this ETF until you sell your shares.  This is an incredible way to participate in an actively traded model that has the goal to grow capital in BOTH bull AND bear markets, without incurring an annual tax consequence on the profits generated in the trading of securities held in the ETF.  In a managed account structure, trading results (gains or losses) are realized gains/losses for the client; but, not for shareholders of the ETF.  Any gain (or loss) in the share price of the ETF is considered "unrealized" until you sell your shares.


This means you can ‘virtually’ turn your non-tax-deferred capital into a tax-deferred investment.  You only incur a tax when you sell the shares of the ETF at a price that is higher than your basis.

This ETF is NOT a Turner Capital managed account.

This means you do not have to be a client of Turner Capital.  You do not have to have an account that we manage.  You do not have to move your money from your current favorite brokerage to TD Ameritrade.  The ETF will be a publicly traded Exchange Traded Fund, just like any other ETF… except that it will be managed just like we manage the current TQA model.  It will be the ONLY ETF of its kind and you can follow it with a little as one share or as many shares as you want to take advantage of the growth and tax advantage.

You can participate in this ETF from anywhere in the world as long a your broker will allow you to hold publicly-traded US equities in your account. This is an especially important capability for our Canadian friends.  We have many Canadians who want Turner Capital to manage their money, but since Turner Capital is not registered in Canada, we cannot.  But, that hurdle is easily overcome if your broker permits you to hold US equities in your personal portfolio, wherever you live in the world.

If you would like us to keep you posted on when the ETF will be available for purchase or if you have questions, please fill out the following form:

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** This helps us manage the opening day demand for shares if we have an idea of how much capital is likely to be used in the purchase of opening-day shares.  You are not, in anyway, obligated to honor this estimate.

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