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Objective: The TQA investment strategy is aggressive in both bull and bear market cycles and has the option to move completely to cash in transition markets.

Types of Holdings: The TQA investment strategy primarily holds fundamentally strong, reasonably liquid growth stocks and ETFs in bull market cycles.  In bear market cycles, the strategy primarily focuses on highly liquid 2x inverse index ETFs.

  • Relies on historical data, not forecasts or guesses

  • While trend-based, the strategy is also very opportunistic and will, at times, invest in plays that show promise of contrarian trends

  • In Bull markets

    • investment goal is to be fully invested in strongly up-trending stocks

  • In Transition markets

    • Holds more cash

    • Relies less on holding bull-trending equities or bull-trending inverse ETFs

  • In Bear markets

    • Investment goal is to be fully invested in inverse (2x) ETFs

  • Not limited by sector/industry diversification; does not attempt to balance capital allocation

  • Focuses on holding equities with strongest fundamentals that produce strongest up-trending price growth

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