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Turner Capital is Unlike Traditional Financial Advisory Firms

TurnerCapital believes the best way to grow and protect Client Wealth is to generateClient Account profits in both bull and bear markets coupled with strongdownside risk mitigation.

A Global, Client-Focused Proprietary Portfolio Manager

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A fiduciary team

Grow Client Capital in Bull and Bear markets.

Turner Capital Investments, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor that focuses exclusively on money management of our proprietary portfolio models. We are not financial planners.

Client capital can be in the form of IRAs, trusts, after-tax, Roths, Joint Tennant, etc.

Client accounts can be custodied at Schwab, Fidelity, Interactive Brokers, others and are managed in an "SMA" structure.This means each account is a Separately Managed Account.  No client capital is ever comingled with any other fund or account. Both US and non-US citizen accounts can be managed by Turner Capital.  This includes citizens from most of the world’s countries. Turner Capital believes the best way to grow and protect Client Wealth is to generate Client Account profits in both bull and bear markets coupled with strong downside risk mitigation.

Our client accounts are managed from the perspective that the stock market exists in 3 conditions: Bull Trending, Bear Trending or Neither.  In Bull Trending markets, our clients are 100% invested in up-trending major indexes of the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100.  In Bear Trending markets, our clients are 100% invested in the inverses of these same two major indexes that move up when the market moves down.  In flat markets our clients are in higher-yielding instruments (money markets).  In other words, our approach to managing your money is to grow it in both bull AND bear markets.

Unlike Traditional Financial Advisory Firms

Most traditional investment firms focus on a buy-and-hold philosophy that assumes holding certain mutual funds, bonds and stocks for the long term is the smartest way to grow capital and avoid short-term capital gains taxes.  It is also one of the laziest ways to manage client capital.

Other firms do not like to “trade” and do not believe in changing strategies when the market moves from bull to bear or bear to bull.  They want you to believe that they are so smart that they can put you into the right “plan” for your age and your financial objectives for your future and you should ignore the net asset value of your account.

In fact, many traditional investment firms train their advisors to limit their trading and focus on getting more clients rather than managing their client accounts to capitalize on bull and bear markets with different strategies for each.

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Meet Turner

Mike Turner’s background is engineering (Civil), computer science, and finance.  He is the primary architect of the science, algorithms, and math behind the analytical software systems used at Turner Capital.

He is a disciplined and formulaic trader who relies heavily upon these software systems.​​​Mike is the author of the very popular books, “10-The Essential Rules for Beating the Market” and "Rule 1 of Investing".  Mike is a frequent guest speaker and lecturer to large financial groups nation wide.

About Turner Capital Investments

Turner Capital Investments, LLC (TCI) is a registered investment advisory*, founded in 2007 by Mike Turner, who holds the position of President and Chief Trading Strategist.  The company is located in Austin, Texas, and serves clients throughout the US with multiple investment strategies that are designed to grow client portfolios in strong up or down trending markets, and protect client portfolios from major losses in bear markets.​Clients hire Turner Capital for two primary reasons: 1) To generate a reasonable profit in bull-trending markets, and 2) To avoid significant losses in bear-trending markets.​We take a disciplined, long-term approach to investing, one week at a time.  A week-over-week analysis of the market helps reduce noise and temporary market anomalies.  We rely on mathematically derived assessments of whether the market is in a bull-trend, neutral-trend, or bear-trend.  We adjust our investment bias to match the market and always have an exit strategy in place for each client holding (via stop-loss settings), just in case the market (or single equity) reverses unexpectedly.​


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