Turner Capital Presentations

TQA ETF Overview

This is a short update on the forthcoming launch of the TQA ETF.  Mike covers the plan for the ETF, how it will work and its tax-efficient advantages.

Turner Capital's Review of 2020 and the Plan for 2021

Mike reviews 2020 and goes over what worked, what didn't work and what changes have been made in the each of the portfolio models for 2021.  This is a great session for a quick look back and a plan for the upcoming year ahead.

What Makes Turner Capital Different From All Other Financial Advisory Firms

Turner Capital is not just another cookie-cutter money management firm.  In this video, Mike Turner walks you through how and why we are uniquely different from most (if not all) financial services companies.  If you want to know why we are different and why that should significantly matter to you, you really need to watch this presentation.

Emergency Meeting

Post-Election Investment Strategy

The hotly-contested 2020 Presidential Election has special risks, and special opportunities, for investors.  In this video, Mike Turner discusses the market outlook for the balance of 2020 and into 2021.  He also lets you know whether the latest output from his proprietary algorithms are bullish or bearish.  Remember, it's not the election that's important, it's the market's reaction to the election that makes all the difference.

Algorithmic Stock Market Investing for Individual Investors

Until recently, algorithmic investing was only available to hedge funds and institutions. Now it's available to you through Turner Capital Investments. In this presentation, Mike shows you the results of the quantitative algorithms he's developed to both measure trends and risk. Successful investing isn't just about picking stocks, it's also about knowing the right time to get out of a trade and using the algorithms to stay disciplined.

How To Navigate The Presidential Election and Covid-19

Join Mike as he discusses the potential headwinds for the stock market with less than 2 months until this most important election. Covid is overhanging the economies of the world, the enmity of the two presidential candidates, and the attacks on the investor class are front and center. With all of the difficulties for individual investors, Mike explains how he uses his proprietary algorithms to profit in any market condition. 

The Turner Quant Advantage Portfolio

In this video Mike takes the viewer through a new strategy, The Turner Quant Advantage Strategy. This strategy is much more opportunistic than the other strategies, and requires much more tolerance toward market swings.

Critical Update

(February 28th)

This video contains a critical update from Mike Turner. It will show you how Mike is using his market directional strategy to play the next bear market.

Adding High-Yielding Income to your portfolio

This video contains a critical update from Mike Turner. It will show you how Mike is using his market directional strategy to play the next bear market.

2019 Year-End Review

Mike takes viewers through his 2019 year end review. This contains his performance as well as some very important changes he made to his rules.

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