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Welcome to our Presentation page. Here you can find all Turner Capital videos. There are 5 strategies; ULTRA-MAX, ULTRA, Diversified Income, Total Market, and Tactical Growth. To get started, hover over one of the boxes and click the video that will appear.

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Emergency Session

Mike Turner held an emergency session for clients as the coronavirus pandemic was beginning, including how he knew when to move to cash at the market top.



The Double-Up Strategy

This webinar features our strategy for doubling the market, Bull or Bear.

Diversified Income


Build the Perfect Growth and Income Strategy

This webinar features our Diversified Income Portfolio

Adding High-Yielding Income to Your Portfolio

This webinar showcases Mike's Diversified Income Strategy

Total Market


The Total Market Strategy

This session is a deep-dive into how the Market-Directional investing strategy works

Total Market Investing In a Bear Market

Mike shows you how he invests during Bear Markets

Tactical Growth


Coming Soon



Coming Soon


General Interest

2019 Year-End Review

Mike walks through the performance of the 2019 year

The Double-Up Strategy

This session is a deep-dive into how you can detect trends and capitalize in both bull and bear markets

The Power of Compounding Money

This session is a case study on the methodology that will keep your money safe during bear markets

Investing in The New Political Environment

Mike Explains how to navigate the new political environment

The Most Important Chart for Success

Mike shows you the best chart to help you pick successful stocks.

A Plan to Navigate Market Volatility

Mike takes viewers thorugh the ket for handling market volatility